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Meet the Team



South African by birth, he has lost none of that original fire. A smouldering flame of ingenuity, Ken is the mind behind Tuff-Luv, having raised the company over the years from a tender hatchling to a raging unstoppable leviathan of friendly customer service and quality home-grown UK products.

Age: Wouldn't you like to know, nosey.

Weight: 13 stone, 5 pebbles

Skills: Case development, administration, business

Likes: Meat covered in Nando's Sauce

Dislikes: Icecream covered in Nando's Sauce

Alias: The boss

Misc: The CEO of Tuff-Luv and host of Tuff-Luv Case Review, viewable on

Hitpoints: 80

Quote : "Build a bridge and get over it."


A shadowy figure steps forth from the London Fog. Database specialist and stunt-man James Murray takes the term "wow" to new levels of vagary. His integral role in the company has earned him nicknames that are widely renowned and often heard shouted across the office.

Age: 28

Weight: 11 stone and a rock in left shoe

Skills: Biting sarcasm, scripting, large/dangerous carnivore training.

Likes: Himself, Friday night cinema.

Dislikes: C.M.Rogers, things that aren't himself

Alias: The lead toffee, The Monsterously Unfortunate.

Misc: Recently named "Sexiest Man Alive" by an old woman pushing a shopping cart down the middle of the road.

Hitpoints: Punchscores?

Quote : "I don't want a quote. Don't put one for me."



Born in the lost city of Frimley, Ross is our marketing powerhouse. The scope of his knowledge and experience is imaginable only by those that regularly imagine very large things.

Age: As young as you feel!

Weight: Think Kung-Fu Panda.... With increased awesomeness!

Skills: wicked market research with mad blogging skillz, and home-brew Tuff-Luv videos on YouTube.

Likes: The outdoors in general, and BBQs

Dislikes: Negativity

Alias: "The Marketing Department", but we're working on that


Hitpoints: 40 (+5 to blogging checks)

Quote : "BOOM!"


From dense jungles of Dublin, Laura is the soothing, friendly voice of Tuff-Luv's Customer service division. With hands forged of lightning, and voice like a gentle summer rain, she adds speed to the answering of queries, troubleshooting of problems, and issuing of replacements. Distressed customers need fear not, for Laura ensures the quick and direct customer service that Tuff-Luv is famous for.

Age: The perfect one

Weight: Light as a feather

Skills: Customer service, character development

Likes: Bunnies

Dislikes: Strong gusts of wind (see weight)

Alias: "Squidge"

Misc: Has worked in the film industry (10 years).

Hitpoints: 35 (+5 charisma)

Quote : "Everything, or nothing!"

Working Woman
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