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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty - the deal!


Lifetime Warranty is valid ONLY for Tuff-Luv Branded mobile device cases (leather, faux leather, hemp, silicone etc), not clips, swivels, laptop bags, electronics, mounts or other accessories. It does not include any other brands such as Alston Craig, Troop, Zippo, Leatherman, Tigra (all of which carry a 1 year manufactureres Warranty)


Conditions where you are covered:

a) If you are the original purchaser (invoice or email confirmation required).
b) If your case shows a defect that is related to a production failure and not wear and tear.

c) The company Ashtead Retail & Wholesale Limited are still actively trading as going concern in UK


Conditions where you are not covered:

a) Does not cover for fair wear and tear. including reasonable wear and tear to leather, stitching and elastic.
b) Does not cover accidental damage, droppage, misuse, improper care or alternation, or force majeure, such as floods and earthquakes.
c) Any repair work on Tuff-Luv products by unauthorized third parties voids any warranties.
d) If the company Ashtead Retail & Wholesale is in the process of winding down, has de-registered from companies house, process of filing bankruptcy, or has become insolvent as defined by the companies act.


We do not take any responsibility for third party products, i.e. we will not reimburse any damage to devices used together with our products.


Our responsibility shall be limited to the repair or the replacement of the product at its sole discretion.


Should no identical product be available, then a suitable alternative as deemed by us. Should no alternative be available, then we may award a refund via a store coupon - the amount to be the purchase amount less 20% at our discretion.


This warranty excludes claims for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the warranty problem. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights according to UK Law, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state or country to country.


Please note: Features and specifications of all Tuff-Luv products are subject to change without notification.


Customers are obliged to return the goods back to us on request at their own cost for inspection, to validate if the case is liable for replacement under the policy.



Should we deem your product's defect to be covered by the warranty, we will dispatch a new product to you within 30 days.


Product care

The customer is responsible to look after the product. We recommend the following safe care instructions for leather products. Failure to adhere to these instructions will potentially invalidate the warranty.


Leather case – care instructions

Avoid using or placing sharp objects on leather goods. Leather is very durable, but not accident or damage proof.
Keep your case away from direct heat sources.
As far as possible keep the leather case out of direct sunlight for long periods – it may fade over time.
Avoid air pollution such as cigar or cigarette smoke and cooking fumes, which can cause leather to fade or change colour.
Keep leather free from dust by dusting with a non-abrasive cloth, preferably once a week.
You may clean the case using reputable leather cleaner & treatment products – follow their usage instructions.
Blot spills up immediately. Use a reputable Leather Cleaner product.

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